Even though the St Andrews and East Fife Local Plan, adopted October 2012, is relatively new, Fife Council aims to replace it by FIFEplan, a new “local” plan covering the whole of Fife. Consultation on a Main Issues Report took place from January to March 2013, followed by an additional consultation on the development strategy from December 2013 to February 2014. In autumn 2014 Fife Council published a proposed FIFEplan (59Mb pdf). See page 165 for the settlement plan for St Andrews. Consultation on the proposed plan closed on December 8th 2014.

The draft FIFEplan carries forward many aspects of the St Andrews and East Fife Local Plan to which this Community Council objected, including the western development. Its publication pre-empted the granting of detailed planning consent for a new Madras College at Pipeland Farm by saying that “Once that is constructed the Kilrymont site will become available as a development opportunity.” As it already had consent in principle for the school, it proposed to remove the Pipeland Farm site from the Green Belt. The proposed regulations governing development in the Green Belt are significantly weaker than those in the 2012 Local Plan.