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Newsletter - 2009 Local Plan Consultation Edition

Do you want development between the Strathkinness High Road and the A91 Guardbridge Road?

If you are angry at being asked this question again, we sympathise. St Andrews has been asked it several times in the last 15 years. Each time the answer has been a resounding ‘No!’

The original question, during the Strategic Study in the mid-1990s, provoked over 900 responses - an unprecedented level of concern. The same question has re-arisen several times in consultations on the 2002 and 2009 Structure Plans and met with the same response. Sadly the Fife planners are better at asking questions than they are at listening to the answers. So development in this area is still the key proposal for the town in the Draft St Andrews and East Fife Local Plan, on which Fife Council is currently conducting a consultation.

If your answer is still ‘No’, you need to say so NOW.

Proposed distributor road

The idea of linking Bogward Rd to the A91 may have an initial attraction, but it has previously provoked strong opposition as Bogward Rd and John Knox Rd were never built to serve as a bypass. Indeed Fife Council itself believes that the former is sufficiently dangerous to warrant speed humps!

Langlands Approximate situation of Langlands
Map based on OpenStreetMap

Views from the West

We are being told that building on Langlands will not harm the long-valued views of the town from the Strathkinness High Rd. If the principle of development is granted, however, “rules” may prove hard to enforce. The Community Council gave a strong warning of the irreparable damage that the new Medical Sciences Building would do to the view from Kennedy Gardens, but planners, councillors and the applicants judged it acceptable.

Cemetery Extension

The commercial site on the Strathkinness High Road proposed in the Local Plan is apparently for the cemetery extension. It needs a designation that prevents other uses, be they industrial or commercial.