The Community Council has for many years supported the re-establishment of the rail link to St Andrews. In May 2012, Tata Steel published a high-level concept report into the project, and explored the viability of providing direct services to both Edinburgh and Dundee. The report calculated that such a rail link would operate at a profit. It recommended the construction of approximately 4.9 miles of single track from St Andrews to the East Coast Main Line, with south-facing and north-facing chords at Seggiehill and the Moonzie Burn respectively, and a new station in St Andrews, just short of the former station site, but close enough to form an integrated transport interchange with the adjacent bus station.

In drawing up the third National Planning Framework, the Scottish Government sought proposals for candidate national developments. In December 2012, the Community Council put in a submission proposing the St Andrews rail link as such a project of national significance. In a separate submission Fife Council also proposed the rail link as a national development.

In earlier years, the Community Council has argued for reinstatement of the rail link in its submissions on the Local Plan and the Fife Structure Plan. See, in particular, paras 65-68 of our Structure Plan submission in 2006, and paras 58-61 of our Local Plan submission in 2010.

For further information, see StARLink, which has campaigned since 1989 for the rail link. Jane Ann Liston of StARLink is a co-opted member of the Community Council's Rail Committee. Other members of the Committee are Izzy Corbin, Ian Goudie, and Penny Uprichard.