The strategic plans for St Andrews, now incorporated in the TAYplan, are largely taken from the former strategic plan which was the Fife Structure Plan (PDF version, 2.9Mb). This plan was approved by the Scottish Government in May 2009. Until April 2013, however, it was subject to a legal challenge by one of our community council members, Miss Penny Uprichard, acting as an individual. This challenge ultimately proved unsuccessful.

The 2009 Structure Plan was widely regarded as highly controversial in North East Fife. At each stage of the process, this community council submitted objections to the new Plan, and the details of these objections can be found below. Briefly, we were not persuaded that the very large number of housing units proposed for the town was justified on the basis of the demographic projections, nor that the implications of that housing for our infrastructure and environment had been adequately assessed.

In February 2009, the Community Council submitted

  1. an objection to the Scottish Government's proposed Modifications to the Finalised Fife Structure Plan 2006-2026
  2. an objection to the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the proposed Modifications

We saw this environmental assessment as a superficial document which failed to approximate the level of detail that we had sought in 2002 on our Comments on the Scoping Brief for the Environmental Impact Assessment of the proposed “Western Development” of St Andrews.

These responses of ours formed but the last stage of this long-running saga. The following links provide

  1. Our submission on The Draft Fife Structure Plan 2005;
  2. Our submission on the so-called Finalised Fife Structure Plan 2006.

(Note that the word “finalised” here has a technical meaning: this Plan was only “finalised” in the usual sense of the word in 2009.)

The Finalised Fife Structure Plan was submitted to the Scottish Executive in June 2006, but it was still under consideration by them in 2007 when Fife Council, of its own volition, decided that the housing land requirement needed to be reappraised. We submitted

  1. comments to Fife Council on the Reappraisal (November 2007); and
  2. an objection to the Scottish Government re the Reappraisal (March 2008), once Fife Council had submitted their reappraisal to them.